"With a pack-a-punch menu that doesn’t skimp on flavour, this is far from your run-of-the-mill brunch spot. Think orange and cardamom panna cotta binding together your granola, lashings of honeycomb butter on your ricotta hotcakes, a generous helping of pulled pork beneath your poached eggs, or even a hint of orange infused in your cup of Elementary Coffee.

It’s this sort of outside the box thinking that forms the basis of Karma and Crow’s approach to daytime dining, and will undoubtedly keep us coming back for more."



"Watch out Melbourne, It appears that Adelaide is beginning to adopt the reputation of being a city of Instagram-worthy breakfasts. Karma and Crow, Richmond’s hidden gem of breakfast heaven, is certainly contributing to this and putting us on the map.

You know those gorgeous fluffy hotcakes with candied bits and what appears to be fairy floss that pop up over social media? Well Karma and Crow is where you can devour them again and again – I think I’m going to need to stop myself going back to eat these pancakes every Sunday breakfast."



"...there's two other things you’ll notice about Karma and Crow, before you even put fork to food. Firstly, the place is full of natural light. A large walkway, loads of windows and greenery makes it feel like the outside, in. Currently there’s only one table outside, which benefits from the midmorning sun...Secondly, they do table service. Impressively genuine, friendly table service..."




"Too photogenic to eat? This Richmond cafe will have you questioning just that. Ricotta hotcakes dusted with a curl of fairy floss, just to touch on your carnival kid dreams. Or try the house made cornbread partnered with chorizo, tomato salsa and avocado mousse. In case smashed avo just isn’t enough for you. What makes the space even cooler is the fact it’s an artists collective too, showcasing local makers and acting as an event space. The coffee is sublime too, definitely worth getting out of bed for."


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"Obviously we did something right in our past life if this is our karma. The converted airy warehouse space is almost completely unnoticeable to drive past. Nestled in the industrial area of Richmond Road this place is pushing the boundaries on brunch: sago, brioche donuts and pulled pork benedict. Hell yes, one of everything please waiter."